Autumn leaves

SLATE is a tabular structure, basic no recrystallization of rock
market development

plain hard and enduring source of texture and feeling, has been people chase after hold in both hands

Man-made board

Product is non-toxic, no radioactive, flame retardancy
kinds of safety granite

with the kind of stone, only do fine processing, so as to improve the product sample/class, let good material
The United States released

namely rational mining, improve the utilization rate of stone material, reduce the waste; Fine processing
Stone material enterprise

Natural stone is a kind of ancient architecture and decoration materials. Its natural tiancheng
Many stone companies

Fine processing, improve the quality and grade of stone products. Of stone material processing enterprises for
The marble furniture

The market sell marble house has the branch of natural marble and scagliola, and the branch that natural marble
Emerald green

SLATE is a tabular structure, basic no recrystallization of rocks
Marble black

Marble is mainly used for processing into various shape material